Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Workout

Don't get too excited. I kinda cheated to hit 5 miles. I checked where I was at the 60 minute mark and saw that I had hit 4.66 miles and barely 900 calories. I was so frustrated to find that this was exactly where I was at 60 minutes on Monday and if I kept with my regular 5 minute cool down, I'd not hit either of my goals. So I decided to go all out in the cool down phase. I broke 5 miles but still the 1000 calorie mark eluded me. I would have been too discouraged if I hadn't made any progress so I pushed the envelope and the rules, but just a little. It'll take a lot more to hit my goals under 1 hour exactly, like 143 strides a minute continuously to make the 5 miles! It might take me longer than I'd like but I'll make it
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