Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our House

Kelley and I finally got that house that we've been after. In the end it went to auction at the end of May, we were turned on to an investor (who we convinced to buy it then sell it to us), and lastly closed the deal on the 26th of June!
Yay, were home owners at last. We had both had enough of the one-bedroom apartment living for more than 5 years. Besides, if I hadn't maned up and bit the big one, Kelley would have taken drastic measures. I neither know nor want to know exactly what those measure would have been.
Rod, Alex, Kenny, and Jared Newlun all helped us move on the 27th. I was somewhat surprised yet relieved to find that everything which encumbered out one bedroom apartment fit in our garage with room to spare. We will move everything into the house once we get our walls painted and the flooring done, carpet upstairs (for me) and hard floors downstairs (for her). There is still some stuff at the apartment that we will move when we return from camping at seaside with Char & Ryan. I will blog about the adventures that we are currently having in the next entree. I'm blogging on location in our campsite. Yes, this places has free wifi, which is one of the many amenities here. It's hardly 'camping' at all, execept we are sleeping in tents.
For now we are sleeping in the living room on our tempurpedic mattress with Mckenna in her Dora bed at our feet. I wonder how it will be adjusting her to her new room, seeing if she will stay in her room all night instead of coming in to mommy in the wee hours of the morning. Her room is already painted a 'Cinderella Blue', but it still needs one more coat.
the downstairs consists of a living room, dining room and kitchen all open to one another with out any walls blocking any part of the view from one room to another. The kitchen counter is the only thing separating the kitchen from the dining room. And I would like to add that the vantage point from the kitchen sink to the gas fireplace, whereon sits my 42 inch plasma television, is unobstructed making it a much more desirable thing for me to do dishes. There is also a half bath downstairs, just off the kitchen, with just a toilet and a sink. Oh, did I mention the ceiling downstairs is about 9 feet high? It's awesome, it really makes it feel larger, which I love. I always thought I wanted a house with vaulted ceilings.
The upstairs has 3 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, and a landing area. The master bedroom has a double sinked bathroom with an alcoved bathtub/toilet area separated by a door. Finally Kelley can do her makeup and not have her nostrils offended. There is also the biggest walk-in closet I have ever seen with his and her sides. We will probably use one of the bedrooms as an office, mostly for Kelley, and the landing will probably be used for a computer area or bookshelf/reading area.
There are a few more things we will periodically want to improve or change, but all in all, we are very satisfied with our house. I will add pictures once we have a computer hooked up to post them.
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